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HP's E14 G4 portable monitor will up your working from home game

HP E14 portable monitor
(Image credit: HP)

If you have a cramped work-from-home environment but need an extra kick to keep the productivity flowing, then HP's E14 G4 portable monitor might just be for you.

The "world's brightest 14-inch portable monitor" is slated to launch in September 2020 for just $249.

HP E14 G4 portable monitor design, ports and specs

The HP E14 G4 portable monitor looks like you snapped off the display portion of a premium HP laptop and handed it to someone. That said, it looks sleek, and it's incredibly slim, at 0.19 inches thin. It also weighs a mere 1.38 pounds and features a 78-degree adjustable stand to keep it upright.

As far are ports go, it features two USB Type-C ports. One designed specifically to connect your laptop to the display, and the other for power pass-through, so you power your monitor and charge your laptop at the same time.

The IPS display is 14 inches and has a standard 1920 x 1080 resolution. According to HP, the panel emits 400 nits of brightness and features a 800:1 contrast ratio. It also has a 14 millisecond response time, but with Overdrive, it'll go down to 5ms. The panel also has a Blue Light mode.

HP claims that the portable monitor is great for outdoor use as well thanks to the high brightness and anti-glare coating, but we'll see how it rocks when we get it through our lab.

Stay tuned for the full review and benchmarks of the HP E14 G4 portable monitor.