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There are plenty of high-performance laptops on the market. Unfortunately, you'll have to navigate a minefield of inferior options. Our laptop reviews and buying guides are here to help you find the best laptop for your needs and your budget.

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Dell Latitude 6430u Review

The Dell Latitude 6430u business Ultrabook offers strong performance and long battery life in a durable yet svelte soft-touch chassis.

9 Best Laptops of CES 2013

There were fewer traditional laptops at CES 2013, but that's because many of them are morphing into hybrids. MSI showed off the Slidebook S2, a tablet that transforms into a super-sleek Ultrabook, and...

Best of CES 2013 Awards

The best mobile products at CES 2013 have much to tell us about the year ahead in tech. Based on what we've seen in Las Vegas, 2013 will see many new players enter the mobile gaming space hoping to ma...

Lenovo Redesigns ThinkPad Edge Laptops with New OneLink Docking

Even with all the hype surrounding Windows 8 hybrids, there's a healthy chunk of the population looking for a laptop that can simply get the job done. Lenovo's newly announced ThinkPad Edge E431 and T...

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Ultrabook Review

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch is a strong and sleek Ultrabook that combines Windows 8 with a sharp touch screen, but you'll sacrifice some battery life.

The EliteBook Revolve joins the ElitePad as the second member of HP's Windows 8 arsenal to steal business customers away from the iPad. Where the ElitePad is a tablet first, the Revolve is a tradition...

Panasonic Shows Off AX-Series Foldable Ultrabook Hybrid

The Windows 8 hybrids just keep on coming. At CEATEC, Panasonic's showing off its new AX series Ultrabook, a foldable laptop that transforms into an impromptu touch-powered all-in-one, sports a distin...

Dell Latitude E5530 Review

The Dell Latitude E5530 combines solid build quality with top-notch battery life, but is it the mobile workhorse for you?

Lenovo ThinkPad T530 Review

Lenovo's 15-inch ThinkPad T530 is a business computer with great performance, but will the dimmer-than-average display lead customers to look elsewhere?

Dell Latitude E6430s Review

The Dell Latitude E6430s offers a durable design, fast SSD and long battery life, but is it enough business machine for busy mobile professionals?