Apple Watch Series X rumors: Design update, release date, and features

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Apple has released a new Apple Watch every year since 2015, so the device's 10th anniversary is coming up. The Apple Watch Series 10, or "Series X" as Apple may call it in the style of the iPhone X, could feature the most dramatic design update since the first generation model. It could also include some exciting new features, which we may have even gotten a peek at during Apple's WWDC 2024 keynote presentation. 

From a stunning redesign to new sensors and AI capabilities, the Apple Watch Series X could be a major upgrade over previous versions. While Apple has not officially announced it yet, there are already rumors circulating about it and Apple could potentially unveil it as soon as September. 

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Here's a look at everything we know about the Apple Watch Series X so far including its release date, design, and features. 

Apple Watch Series X: Release date

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Apple's release dates can jump around a bit, but it has been pretty consistent with the Apple Watch. Nearly every model has launched in September so far. The only exceptions are the first-generation Apple Watch (April 24, 2015) and the Series 7 (October 15, 2021). 

Besides those two outliers, Apple usually releases a new Watch every September, typically between the 16 and 23. The day of the week helps narrow things down since every Apple Watch so far has debuted on a Friday. 

This means the most likely release date for the Apple Watch Series X in 2024 is September 20. However, it's also possible Apple might wait until next year to launch the Series X, which would put it on September 19 or 26, 2025. 

Apple Watch release date history

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Apple WatchRelease date
Series 9/Ultra 2September 22, 2023
Ultra 1September 23, 2022
Series 8/SE 2September 16, 2022
Series 7October 15, 2021
Series 6/SE 1September 18, 2020
Series 5September 20, 2019
Series 4September 21, 2018
Series 3September 22, 2017
Series 1/Series 2September 16, 2016
1st generationApril 24, 2015

Apple Watch Series X: Thinner design, larger display

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If you're thinking about upgrading your Apple Watch (or buying one for the first time), you might want to skip the Series 9 and wait for the Series X. Multiple trusted Apple analysts, including Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, have shared rumors recently that the Apple Watch Series X is getting a major design update. 

According to these leaks, the Series X will feature a much thinner chassis and a larger screen. The size options will go up to 49mm or 45mm, rather than the current 45mm and 41mm. That may be a drawback for those with smaller wrists, but the thinner overall design should keep the weight low, which could make up for the larger case size. 

Mark Gurman also reported back in 2023 that Apple is exploring new ways to attach watch bands on the Series X. The idea would be to free up the space currently needed for the cutouts for the existing magnetic watch band attachment system. The Series X could include a new band design that would use less space, helping to allow the watch to be thinner and have a larger screen. 

What's still up in the air is the case shape and the Apple Watch Ultra 3 design. The current Apple Watch Ultra is larger than the base Watch Series 9 (and SE, which likely won't get a redesign this year). Apple likely won't increase the case size on it, but it could get a slightly larger display. It's possible the Ultra will also get a thinner chassis, although Apple may opt to keep the current design to allow the Ultra to have more advanced hardware, which is one of its main advantages over the base Series 9. 

In terms of case shape, I would love to see the Watch Series X get a design with flat edges similar to the current iPad and iPhone. This would be more likely if the rumors about a thinner Watch Series X pan out. Of course, it's also possible Apple could make the edges of the chassis even more rounded to accentuate how thin it is. 

Apple Watch Series X: Price

Apple has kept its Watch prices pretty consistent over the years. All of the main "Series" models have always been at least $300, with the Series 4 through 9 starting at $399. Of course, the price goes up for premium models featuring different materials, cellular functionality, or special watch bands. 

Considering the pricing of the last several Apple Watch models, it's a fairly safe bet the Apple Watch Series X will cost at least $399. It's possible the starting price could go up due to the research and development needed for the new case design. However, it's unlikely the starting price will be $500 or more. If Apple does increase the starting price for the Series X, it will probably be a marginal price bump, perhaps to $429, similar to the price increase between the Series 3 and Series 4. 

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Apple WatchStarting price
Series 9$399
Series 8$399
Series 7$399
Series 6$399
Series 5$399
Series 4$399
Series 3$329
Series 2$369
Series 1$349

Apple Watch Series X: watchOS 11

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The Apple Watch Series X will most likely launch with watchOS 11, which we're expecting Apple to release on September 16 or 18, 2024. That means we know of a few new features the Series X will have thanks to details Apple unveiled about watchOS 11 at WWDC 2024

For example, the new Training Load feature improves workout tracking by using an algorithm to calculate an "effort rating" for workouts. This allows you to track the intensity of your workouts and monitor workout intensity trends, which can help prevent injuries from doing too many intense workouts in a row. You can adjust the effort rating for workouts, as well, if you want to tweak the algorithm's estimated rating. 

watchOS 11 will also include a new Vitals app, which will allow you to view health data in greater detail. This is helpful for people who use their Apple Watch to monitor medical conditions or changes in certain health metrics since the Vitals app can notify you if any of your metrics go outside of your normal range. Similarly, the Health app is getting a Cycle Tracking feature in watchOS 11, which can also monitor the progress of pregnancies. 

watchOS 11 isn't just bringing new health features. It will also include a live translation app that can use machine learning to translate words and phrases directly from your Watch. There will be a new safety feature, as well, called Check In, which can use your Watch's location data to let a designated contact know when you've return home safe, such as after a late-night run. 

Apple Watch Series X: New health sensors

Screenshots from WWDC 2024 keynote

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The new features in watchOS 11 hint at what Apple may be prioritizing as it develops the new Apple Watch Series X. Health has long been a major focus for Apple Watch features and apps, but the Vitals app points to Apple's plans to bring even more advanced health monitoring tools to the Watch. 

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported in November 2023 that Apple is developing hypertension and sleep apnea monitoring tech for its next Apple Watch, which will likely be the Series X. This type of data would be an invaluable addition to the Vitals app and Health monitoring on the Apple Watch overall. 

Apple might also equip the Apple Watch Series X with a new blood oxygen sensor. The Series 9 and Ultra 2 were initially going to include this sensor, but Apple had to disable it due to a patent dispute in late 2023. So, the Series X might include a new version of this sensor free of the patent issues the last version faced. 

Apple Watch Series X: Outlook

Considering the Apple Watch Series X is at least several months away or more, there's still a lot we don't know about it. There are also some specs and updates Apple will likely add to the Series X that simply haven't leaked yet. 

For example, it's possible the Apple Watch Series X will include a more powerful processor, allowing it to run features of Apple Intelligence. This is a bit less likely than some other spec bumps, though, simply due to the high processing power requirements for on-device AI. It's more likely Apple will bring more AI features to the Watch through its new Private Cloud Compute service or through users' connected iPhones. 

We'll get more concrete details about the Apple Watch Series X soon if Apple does indeed plan to unveil it in September. Until then, we'll be keeping a close eye out for the latest rumors and news surrounding Apple's next-gen Watch, so stay tuned for more updates and details. 

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