Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair Review

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The Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair is comfortable and easy to assemble, but its seat is too narrow and the lumbar pillow is inconvenient.


  • +

    Stylish design

  • +

    Comfortable padding

  • +

    Quick assembly


  • -

    No strap for lumbar pillow

  • -

    Tilt is a little too resistant

  • -

    Seat is too narrow for some

  • -

    Discoloration on white material

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Alienware is at the top of its game when it comes to gaming laptops, and that translates decently well to gaming chairs. The Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair is easy to assemble and features comfortable padding wrapped in a stylish design, all for $399.

However, it's not perfect. The tilting could be better and the seat should be wider (or they should offer different chair sizes). I also wish there was a strap for the lumbar pillow. I also noticed, after several months of consistent use, that the white parts of the chair began to discolor.

But overall, the Alienware S5000 is a solid gaming chair that would make a great companion to any Alienware laptop.


We've all seen those black-and-white gaming chairs on Amazon that look as if they're just seconds from falling apart at the seams. The Alienware S5000, however, looks like an Alienware laptop that went full Transformer into a 61-pound racing chair. Alienware takes that rickety design and gives it a premium sheen by adding a splash of colorful baby blue to the PUC faux-leather and backs it up with a sturdy steel frame.

This baby has four-dimensional armrests, meaning that you can lift them up or down, tilt them side to side, move them forward and back, and shift toward and away from you to get the perfect angle. The armrests are backed by a steel frame, which has a plastic shell to control the movement.

There's a lever to adjust the seat height (it uses an industrial grade, class-4 gas lift) and another lever to adjust the backrest from 80 to 140 degrees. There's also adjustable tilt with a locking system under the seat.

The backrest is 32.3 inches tall and 20.5 inches wide. The top of the chair has stylish holes, similar to a racing chair, and its neck-support pillow wraps perfectly around it. The lumbar-support pillow is placed at the bottom of the seat, but since it doesn't have a strap to hold it in place, it fell over every time I left the chair.

The chair has a five-star base, which is made out of aluminum alloy, while the attached wheels are Penta RS1 Casters, which are coated with polyurethane for smoother gliding. I was able to glide across the carpet in my office with ease.


The Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair is packed with UPHR (Ultra Premium High Resilience) foam, which stands up to 4 pounds per cubic foot. That's jargon for it's comfortable to sit in.

The seat itself has a nice U shape that tucks you into the chair. It's a little snug, though, at 15.4 inches wide, so if you like to spread your legs, or if your butt is bigger than the limited space provided, it'll feel rather uncomfortable. However, it is rated to hold 330 pounds. But after a few months of consistent use, the seat absorbed the blue color of my jeans. If the blue can come off, it cannot be removed easily, as I attempted to scrub the seat with a wet wipe to no avail. The chairs of my colleagues, Phillip Tracy and Michael Andronico, were also discolored. Parts of Tracy's chair were also blue, while Andronico's chair was black, as he consistently wears black jeans to the office.

Meanwhile, the backrest was firm, but I liked the resistance it provided. I didn't feel like I was sinking in. However, some people (like my co-worker) may feel that it could be a little softer. The backrest and seat are both padded with a microfiber that's infused with coffee grounds (yes, coffee grounds) that help odor control. It's great for those long sweaty nights trying to take out the Swarm on Insane in Gears 5.

The Alienware S5000, however, looks like an Alienware laptop that went full Transformer into a 61-pound racing chair.

The armrests are a little stiff, but they aren't uncomfortable. The four-dimensional adjustments were easy to configure to get into a position I liked. My elbows felt at ease when they were resting on them, although I did notice some indents in the armrests where my elbow would be. The indents do go away after awhile, as the armrests return to their original position.

As I mentioned, the Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair comes with a memory-foam neck pillow and a lumbar-support cushion. The neck pillow is a win -- without it, the headrest is awkward. The lumbar support took a little bit to get used to, but now I can't live without it. I can sit up straight and use the pillow as support so I don't get tired. My only issue is that it doesn't have a strap like the neck pillow.

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Although Alienware claims that the tilt tension is easily adaptable, it was a little difficult to rock it back and forth comfortably, even at the lowest resistance setting. It wasn't so much the movement itself, but more the initial lift off the ground and how much effort it takes to continue to rock it back and forth.


I was impressed by how easy it was to put the Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair together.

I put the chair together by myself in less than 20 minutes. All you have to do is screw the seat mechanism to the seat base with the included M8 Tool. After that, you slide the gas lift in and pop the wheels into the five-star base. Now, combine the two and flip the chair upright. Finally, just slide the backrest into the brackets and screw in the custom M8 screws to secure it.

Now all that's left is to sit, relax and game.

Configurations and warranty

There are no configurations for the Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair, which is unfortunate because we would have loved to have seen the chair in some wider sizes.

Each chair comes with a two-year limited warranty, and a 10-year limited warranty for the steel frame supporting it.

Bottom line

For $399, the Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair offers comfort, style and quick assembly. However, it's tough to look past the strapless lumbar pillow, the narrow seat, the tilt resistance and the discoloration.

If you're looking for a gaming chair with a wider seat and an attached lumbar support, look no further than the AKRacing Masters Series Pro gaming chair.

However, the Alienware S5000 is an overall solid gaming chair that will provide plenty of comfort for the right-sized butt.

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Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair Specs

Accessories TypeLaptop Accessories
Size48.6-52.6 in x 20.5 in
Weight60 pounds
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