Xbox Series X mini fridge pre-orders start today — here's where to buy the $99.99 fridge

Xbox Mini Fridge
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While it's still incredibly difficult to nab the elusive Xbox Series X,  there's a chance to buy the next best thing — and we're not talking about the Xbox Series S. The very real Xbox Series X mini fridge will be available to pre-order today (October 19), with prices starting at $99.99.

The Xbox mini fridge will be available in the US, UK, and Europe, and is expected to drop sometime in December 2021. However, pre-orders for the fridge will go live today, with a retail price of $99.99/£89.99. 

The Xbox Mini Fridge has been in development ever since Microsoft promised to bring the meme into reality after a face-off with Wrigley Company's Skittles during a Twitter poll. General manager of Xbox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg made the promise after pushing Xbox to win the "Best Brand on Twitter." We may not have lime Skittles, but we do get an all-new Xbox in 2021 (in a way). Check it out below. 

Where to buy the Xbox Series X mini fridge

Okay, it may not be able to run Halo Infinite, the upcoming Xbox exclusive Redfall, or anything else, but the mini fridge does look like it can fit up to 12 standard cans. It even comes with the Xbox Series X logo, green interiors, and holes up top.

For those in the US, the Xbox Series X mini fridge will be available to pre-order at Target, with prices starting at $99.99. The listing has yet to go live but is expected to be available sometime on October 19.

As for the UK, the Xbox mini fridge will be available to pre-order at Game, with prices starting from £89.99. According to the retailer, the mini fridge pre-orders will go live in the afternoon on October 19. Availability is limited, and Game has limited the fridge to one per customer. Let's hope we don't see another shortage on our hands. 

Be sure to keep pressing that refresh button. In the meantime, check out the best Xbox Game Pass PC games to play right now. 

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