Xbox Series X looks set to launch on November 6

(Image credit: Microsoft)

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft revealed yesterday that the Xbox Series X would arrive in November without Halo Infinite, which has been delayed until 2021. The company did not give a specific launch date, however, a new report predicts the next-gen console will be released on November 6.

The Verge reports that distributors are gearing up to start selling the Series X on November 6, although the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could delay the console. The site says an anonymous tipster sent an image claiming to be a genuine retail box for the Xbox Series X controller. On the box is an orange sticker that says not to sell or display the peripheral until November 6.

You can see the sticker in the below tweet, posted by Tom Warren, a senior editor at The Verge. 

This controller appears to be part of a batch of legitimate Xbox Series X controllers that were sold in Chicago last weekend for unknown reasons. Not only has the packaging for these controllers outed the potential release date of the Xbox Series X, but it confirmed the existence of an Xbox Series S, a more affordable console. 

The Verge reached out to Microsoft to figure out what was going on with these rogue controllers and to see if the company would confirm the November 6 date. Instead, Microsoft gave a vague statement, “We have a lot in store for Xbox in 2020 and can’t wait to share with you,” a Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge. “However, we have nothing to announce at this time.”

The leaked controller is the latest road bump for Microsoft after what was starting to feel like a flawless lead-up to the Xbox Series X launch. The past few weeks haven't been so kind. 

The problems started with the Xbox Series X games showcase, which received generally positive reviews that were overshadowed by criticism toward Halo Infinite, the "hero" game for the Series X. 343 Industries promised to improve the visual fidelity of the game in future updates before delaying the game into 2021, preventing it from being a launch title.

Xbox fans shouldn't be too worried just yet. Microsoft still hasn't announced the Xbox Series S, so we expect it to have some tricks up its sleeve between now and November. 

Phillip Tracy

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