Xbox Series S confirmed by controller packaging — the budget console is real

Xbox Series S white console
(Image credit: jiveduder/Reddit)

The Xbox Series S has finally been confirmed in a leak after being the subject of various rumors leading up to the release of next-gen consoles. 

Images shared by Twitter user @TinyRakan show the new Xbox Wireless Controller in white with a redesigned D-pad, a Share button and a few other subtle changes. Most interesting is what is written on the side of the box: For Xbox Series X|S.

Shortly after those first posts went up, Twitter user @zakk_exe uploaded their own, explaining that they purchased the controller on OfferUp for only $35. 

We still await an official announcement from Microsoft but The Verge obtained photos of Microsoft's next-gen Xbox controller and verified the references to the Xbox Series S. This is, so far, the most compelling evidence of a "budget-friendly" next-gen console from Team Xbox. 

The controller, as The Verge points out, was sold on a resale site over the weekend, and its packaging suggests it will arrive in stores soon.

Codenamed Lockhart, the Xbox Series S is expected to be a lower-cost version of the Xbox Series X. It'll use the same processor as its beefier counterpart but is expected to have 7.5GB of RAM (down from 16GB) and 4 teraflops of GPU performance (down from 12TF). Instead of supporting 4K gaming, the Series S will likely top out at 1080p and 1440p. 

Although the Series S has been the subject of plenty of leaks, including one involving official Microsoft documentation, its pricing still eludes us. We know it will cost less than the Xbox Series X but how much cheaper will it be? Can it undercut the digital-only version of the PS5? Will it really cost between $200 and $300?

We might found these answers out soon as Microsoft is expected to officially unveil the Xbox Series S at a virtual event in August.

Phillip Tracy

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