Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 warranty jumps from 90 days to 1 year

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 warranty jumps from 90 days to one-year
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Microsoft finally upgraded the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2's pathetic 90-day warranty to a whopping one year. Why the sudden change of heart? Well, for most of 2020, Microsoft has been at the heart of a class-action lawsuit surrounding Xbox controllers.

The lawsuit claims that Microsoft knows about the analog stick drift in its Xbox controllers but refuses to repair the problem for free when people submit a support ticket. Two weeks ago, the lawsuit was amended to include the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, and just recently, Microsoft updated its warranty on the Elite Controller.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 warranty update

You can find the updated warranty on Microsoft's support page. It explains that the extension applies retroactively, and since this controller launched in November 2019, everyone who owns the controller will still be within warranty. If your controller is experiencing issues, I suggest you contact Microsoft to see if the company can fix it.

Additionally, if you had already sent your controller in and were charged by Microsoft for repairs, you will be issued a refund before October 31, 2020. If you don't receive a refund by that date, reach out to Microsoft and hold on to any and all receipts that you may have.

This is an awesome change, especially since a $180 controller shouldn't have the same length of warranty as a $60 controller. If you bought your controller on Day 1, we recommend you take advantage of this while you can, as the controller has been known to experience Bluetooth issues, joystick drift and even sticky buttons.

I have personally experienced all three issues across three separate controllers, and the controller I own now has sticky buttons. You can contact Microsoft here by clicking "Contact us."

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