These two apps could make Apple's mixed reality headset a must-have for content creators (report)

Apple AR/VR headset render
(Image credit: Ian Zelbo)

Apple’s mixed reality headset has suffered through a few bumps on the road to its inevitable announcement at WWDC 2023. But two huge apps could make it a must buy for content creators.

I’m talking about Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. And according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, there is a “very real possibility” that we see them launch on the headset. This could be a huge step forward for the VR headset as an actual working machine.

Going pro on your headset

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are coming to iPad — can it be a content creator laptop?

(Image credit: Apple)

This potential game changer for the mixed reality headset comes from two stories. First is the recent announcement that Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are coming to iPad. This move has been long overdue, and while I’m always going to prefer an upfront purchase over a monthly subscription fee, it’s great to see them finally make the jump.

And second, a Bloomberg report that claimed the mixed reality system could download and run over 100,000 iPad apps — drastically increasing the usability of the device beyond the stock selection. Of course, there will be the possibility for developers to update these apps with a specific VR-focussed interface. But the 

So, by extension, that could mean we get versions of FCP and LP that work on the Apple Reality Pro. In fact, Mark Gurman doubled down on that the device could “eventually” run these two apps.


How exactly would Final Cut and Logic Pro run on a mixed reality headset? Honestly, I’m shrugging as much as you are right now. They’re rather intensive apps that rely on the knowledge of shortcuts or quick gestures to get stuff done. So to remove these elements altogether could be an interesting challenge for Apple’s UI designers.

But the fact it is possible is making these a seriously interesting purchase for content creators — immersing yourself in your video/audio work is a tantalizing prospect. Would you use these apps on a headset? Let us know on Twitter.

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