The Last of Us Part I is $20 off during Cyber Monday

The Last of Us Part I
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Cyber Monday is quickly approaching its finale, but before we let you go, we still have some deals to share. In this case, Naughty Dog's remake of The Last of Us is currently seeing a pretty decent sale. You can get The Last of Us Part I for $50 at Amazon.

That means it's been discounted by $20, so if you were one of the people surprised that it launched for $70 at launch, you can now play the game for a significant bit less than what it was released at.

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The Last of Us Part I: $70 $50 @ Amazon

The Last of Us Part I: $70 $50 @ Amazon
The recently released remake of Naughty Dog's masterpiece is now $20 off. If you somehow haven't played The Last of Us yet, what are you waiting for? You're missing out on one of the most emotionally poignant narratives in gaming, and now that it's been visually overhauled for the PS5, there's no better time to jump in. Okay, stop reading! GO PLAY THE LAST OF US!!!

WHY ARE YOU STILL READING? Is there a reason you aren't buying The Last of Us Part I right now? Even if you aren't willing to spend $50 on this game, you absolutely must experience this story at least once when the game gets discounted further. If you've already played the game, then these words aren't for you. But if you're one of the people who have missed out on this experience, you have to try it at least once.

Whether this is by playing the original PS3 version, the remaster on PS4, or the remake on PS5, you HAVE to go through it in some facet. And once you do that, you can begin thinking about The Last of Us Part II, which is an absolute masterpiece, and regardless of what some might think, you cannot skip it.

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