PS5 price and release date to be revealed soon — but there's a catch (leak)

Sony PS5 Haptic Feedback
(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

What's the PS5 price? When is the release date? These are the most pressing questions PlayStation fans have swirling around their minds as the PS5 launch looms ever closer.

But according to Twitter leaker Tidux, we won't have to wait in suspense much longer — the price tag and launch date for the next-gen PlayStation console could be unveiled as early as the last week of August.

PS5 price and release date reveal is imminent

Reliable leaker Tidux has reportedly pulled the curtains back on the PS5's price tag and launch date. The bean spiller alleges that Sony was poised to broadcast a virtual event in early August, but the Japan-based tech giant backpedaled and opted for a later date.

Tidux claimed that Sony is aiming for late August or early September to disclose the price and launch date of its highly anticipated next-gen console.

But there's a catch — Tidux mentioned that Sony's price-reveal date is contingent upon Microsoft's price-reveal date, insinuating that PlayStation will not unveil the PS5's cost until the Xbox Series X's price tag is revealed.

It seems as if Sony and Microsoft are playing a never-ending game of chicken; both gaming giants are waiting for the other to crack under pressure. Sony is waiting for Microsoft to blurt out their next-gen console's pricing first and vice versa.

As always, take Tidux's predictions with a grain of salt — a large one. The Twitter leaker has gained respect among gamers for accurately leaking information, such as PS4's UI and features, as well as some triple-A game announcements. But this year, Tidux's reliability has taken a plunge after tweeting an inaccurate PS5 reveal date and claiming that the PS5 is more powerful than the Xbox Series X.

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