PS5 pricing possibly revealed in Amazon listing — you won't like it

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Sony is set to reveal some actual PS5 gameplay for us at its live-streamed showcase event tomorrow, but there are still plenty of basic details that we don't have for the PS5 yet, including the console's design and the price. 

Well, if an Amazon listing that was posted on hotukdeals is to be believed, we may have an answer on the price...and you aren't going to like it. The screenshot shows a price of £599 (roughly $765), which would be quite a bit more than most estimates (via Tom's Guide).

Don't give up on the PS5 just yet though as there is every possibility that this listing isn't legitimate. There is a glaring issue with even the brief text that it offers.

The issue is that the listing indicates the PS5 as having a 2TB hard drive, however, we know the PS5 features a custom 825GB SSD, which Sony talked about at its developer event in March and frequently since then

(Image credit: hotukdeals)

It's theoretically possible that this listing would be for a higher capacity model. That is certainly something Sony has done in the past, for example, with the PS3. However, given the custom nature of these SSDs, it strains credibility that the company would create two separate models at launch, particularly if the larger model resulted in this kind of pricing.

Returning to the pricing in general, it's also important to remember that it doesn't always map out to the exchange rate. A £599 device in the UK can often be $599 in the U.S. This would line up with the price of the higher capacity PS3 at launch, however, given the poor reception Sony got for the $399 launch price of the PS4, it seems likely that the company will try to stick closer to that.

One thing is for sure: if this pricing does prove accurate, Microsoft is going to be thrilled. The company has said that it won't be beaten on pricing for this console generation and Sony would be making that task quite easy for them.

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