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Act fast! Buy an M1 Macbook Pro for nearly $75 off

Macbook Pro 13 M1 just $1224
Get the M1 Macbook Pro for just $1,224 at Amazon. (Image credit: Future)

Bringing serious power, performance and longevity into a svelte, premium chassis, we’re big fans of the 13-inch Macbook Pro with Apple’s M1 chip. But now, at this lower price, it’s even better.

For a limited time over at Amazon, you can get nearly $75 off the list price — grab one now for $1,224.92.

13-inch M1 Macbook Pro: was $1,299, now $1,224.92 @ Amazon
Apple jumped into the world of ARM architecture with both feet and the results are mindblowing — pairing pure power with serious stamina. CPU and GPU performance are improved by 2.8x and 5x respectively over the previous generation, which is kept alive all day with a 20-hour battery life.View Deal

There are so many reasons we gave the latest 13-inch Macbook Pro five stars and our highly coveted Editor’s Choice’ award  But I will narrow them down to just one — that M1 SoC, as it turns out, is capable of some truly incredible things.

First is the system absolutely toasting its competition in the power department. At first, we were a little skeptical, given how vague the charts were in describing just what the M1 chip was capable of. But in real-world use, we’re believers. On many of our key tests, the MacBook Pro 13 annihilated the Asus ZenBook 13 and Dell XPS 13, all while never breaking a sweat and staying whisper quiet.

And all of this performance is paired with a bonkers battery life. Seriously, I use one myself and the “up to 20 hours of battery life” that Apple tout is a promise they have  truly fulfilled. Eight hours standard usage for my work here (multiple Chrome tabs, Apple Music in the background) only managed to shave 30-35% off the battery.

So long as you are not allergic to anything featuring a touchbar, your workflow doesn’t require a dedicated GPU and you’ve found your home in Apple’s walled garden, this is a perfect choice for any prosumers out there looking for real creative power on-the-go. 

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