Kratos from God of War invades Fortnite Season 5 to raise Hel

Kratos from God of War invades Fortnite Season 5 to raise Hel
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Fortnite has been an infinite pool of collaboration and is easily one of the biggest crossover games on the market, bringing in staple characters from the Marvel universe, DC universe and even Stranger Things. But now PlayStation is joining the fray, throwing in the God of War himself: Kratos.

At first, PlayStation's official Twitter sent a little audio teaser with Agent Jones, a Fortnite character attempting to piece reality together, claiming that the next guy is someone who has "literally vanquished multiple gods with his bare hands in a fit of uncontrollable rage." That's my boy.

God of War is coming to Fortnite

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We first spotted the Kratos image above via a post from Twitter user Hypex. They also posted an image of Kratos' placement in the game as well.

This wild crossover event started when Galactus, the Marvel Universe’s world-devourer, showed up and messing crap up, which led to the X-Men jumping on scene. More recently, The Mandalorian as well as Baby Yoda showed up to laser some fools.

It's unclear when God of War will actually be obtainable as a skin, but it's coming relatively soon, given the tease and semi-announcement. This crossover is pretty wild to see, considering PlayStation is the first of the three major console companies to collaborate with Fortnite.

Hopefully, this will usher in a new age of collaboration not only for PlayStation but also for Xbox and Nintendo as well.

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