iPad 2022 is here — why you should get it instead of the iPad Pro

Apple iPad 10
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The 10th-generation iPad is finally here! Apple just announced the highly anticipated entry-level tablet. It features a revamped design as well as an A14 Bionic chip, 5G connectivity, a USB-C port, and advanced cameras.

Fans will also adore the large 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display. On top of that, the new entry-level iPad has support for the all-new Magic Keyboard Folio, which boasts a click-anywhere trackpad, an "incredible" typing experience and a two-piece design that's versatile for all users.

iPad 10

The new iPad 10 has a starting price of $449 (Wi-Fi model) and pre-orders kick off today via the Apple Store. If you want a Wi-Fi and cellular variant, it will cost you $599. Keep in mind that the new iPad Pro's starting price is $350 more than the new entry-level iPad.

You'll get a wealth of color options to choose from, including blue, pink, yellow and silver.

iPad 10

iPad 10 (Image credit: Apple)

As mentioned, the A14 Bionic chip, the same processor that powers the iPhone 12, is the engine behind the new iPad 2022.  Users should expect beastly, zippy performance from this chip as well as excellent power efficiency. In other words, you should squeeze out more battery life out of this bad boy.

The USB-C port delivers faster charge times and supports a wider variety of peripherals, including the new Magic Keyboard Folio. Speaking of connectivity, the 10th Gen iPad comes with ultra-fast 5G support, allowing the tablet to reach peak speeds of up to 3.5Gbps. You'll also find Wi-Fi 6 on the iPad 2022, which delivers connections that are 30% faster than its predecessor.

Magic Keyboard Folio

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Now let's talk cameras. For the first time ever on an iPad, the front-facing camera is now located on the tablet's landscape edge. So whether you're recording a video for your social media account or taking a FaceTime call, you'll always be looking right at the camera. The 12MP front-camera, sporting a 122-degree field of view, supports Center Stage, a feature that automatically zooms (or pans) to keep users in frame as they move around.

The upgraded 12MP wide back camera offers detailed 4K videos, support for 240 frames per second slo-mo, and high-res pictures.

Fans will also appreciate the new landscape stereo speakers. Combined with the bigger screen on the iPad, users will enjoy an excellent video-viewing experience. For any artists out there, the new iPad has support for the first-generation Apple Pencil.

Why you'd be better off with the iPad — not the iPad Pro

You'll have to shell out an additional $350 for the 11-inch iPad Pro, which is barely larger than the new iPad's 10.9-inch display. There's also a 12.9-inch model that will cost you a whopping $1,099.

Just like the 2021 refresh, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro comes with a mini LED display, which improves contrast (better blacks) and delivers better HDR performance. The 11-inch model sticks to a less-impressive panel. Some may be interested in the fact that both tablets feature refresh rates of up to 120Hz, but for others, it's not worth the $350+ price hike.

iPad Pro 2022

iPad Pro 2022 (Image credit: Future)

The new iPad Pro features a new "hover" perk that instantly detects whether one's Apple Pencil is close to touching the screen — but not quite. This lets artists and note takers preview their marks before actually committing to it. This isn't the only benefit one gets with hover. "For example, with Scribble, text fields automatically expand when the pencil gets near the screen, and handwriting converts to text even faster," the Apple press release said.

Apple claims that this is a feature that third-party app developers can run with for their own platforms. While hover may appeal to pro-level artists, again, consider whether this is worth the extra shelling of your hard-earned cash.

If you're seeking a laptop-esque replacement, however, the iPad Pro is the way to go, thanks to its ultra-powerful M2 chip and desktop-class apps.

Color options are still boring for the iPad Pro: silver and space gray. On the plus side, you'll get more storage configurations. The new 10th Gen iPad only comes in 64GB and 256GB variants. The iPad Pro comes with up to 2TB of storage.

In-store availability for the new iPad and iPad Pro will launch on Oct. 26.

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