PS5 stock available at Best Buy now (hurry!)

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Update on March 19: This article was originally written for rumored PS5 restocks at Amazon. Now the console is available at Best Buy (use this direct link). As always, checkout as quickly as you can once the buy button turns yellow at your local pickup store. 

Amazon will reportedly receive a substantial restock of PS5 consoles this week. Twitter is overwhelmed by PS5 tracking accounts claiming this will happening, however, Amazon hasn't announced anything yet.

Twitter user Jake Randall tweeted that Amazon will drop 46,000 PS5 consoles this week. When he made this tweet, he claimed that the restock hadn't been fully approved yet by Amazon, but it seems that is no longer the case as he later claimed the drop will occur on March 18 between 9 a.m. ET and 11 a.m. ET.

If the leak is accurate, see the quick links below to quickly access the Amazon product pages for the PS5 and PS5 Digital. And be sure to read our PS5 buying tips to maximize your chances of snagging a console. 

PS5 buying help

Randall has revealed that the PS5 Amazon restock is happening on March 18. However, we don't know the exact time it will go live. Of course, 46,000 PS5 consoles is a significant number, and if it's true, it could mean these consoles remain in stock for more than a few seconds this time. Regardless, you should be as ready as possible. If Randall is correct, the date and time he provides will be paramount in assisting gamers to grab a PS5.

Be sure to have everything ready beforehand, too. Ensure your Amazon and Walmart accounts have the correct information saved. Set your current card and address so it's the first thing that shows up when you are going to checkout. This way, if the PS5 becomes available, you can immediately confirm your purchase without wasting time submitting additional information.

For Amazon, you can also place the console in your wishlist and add it to your cart when or if it goes live. We cannot confirm how well this works, but it allows users to bypass the overloaded listing page.

PS5 availability has been all over the place ever since the console went up for pre-order, but it's clear that Sony is dedicated to getting the hardware in people's hands as quickly as it can.

And if you're unable to get your hands on the PS5 console this week (or if the rumor just ends up not being true), don't worry. Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, claimed that PS5 availability would start to pick up in the latter half of 2021.

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