Garmin's Lily smartwatch is made for women — what you need to know

Garmin Lily Smartwatch
(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin today launched the latest addition to its smartwatch line, called the Lily, and it's designed as a small fashion watch for women.

The tech company has been developing smartwatches designed for women, working on specific features including its woman health tracker to track a user's menstrual cycle and, more recently, announced pregnancy tracking along with getting educational tips for health benefits.

“Lily is truly a first-of-its-kind smartwatch: feminine, sophisticated and rooted in fashion with important health and fitness features,” said Garmin vice president of global consumer marketing Susan Lyman.

Garmin Lily: Price and release

The Garmin Lily is available in the US and UK for orders now on it comes in two models: the Classic with a stainless steel case and a leather band for $250 or £230, and the Sport, which comes with a silicone band and an aluminum case for $200 or £180. 

Garmin Lily: Design

The smartwatch is Garmin's smallest yet with a 34mm case, 14mm band and unique T-bar lugs. If you have small wrists, this may be the smartwatch you're after. It's even smaller than the Apple Watch SE.

The Lily boasts a metallic patterned lens with a monochromatic LCD touchscreen display, which turns off when not in use. The Classic model has a stainless steel bezel, while its Sport model features an aluminum bezel. Each of the models will have three colour variants.

Garmin Lily: Specs

As Lyman states, it's a smartwatch for active women and comes with the features to prove it. Application features include respiration monitoring, as well as tracking stress, hydration, advanced sleep and heart rate. Its Pulse Ox1 will monitor blood saturation levels.

The Lily's unique feature includes 'Women’s Health' features, including menstrual cycle tracking and pregnancy tracking. Users will be able to log symptoms alongside their other health and wellness data to keep track and get results.

It also has sports apps for fitness, including yoga, Pilates, cardio and treadmill, and will connect to a smartphone's GPS to track step counts for walks, runs and cycling. The watch comes with the staple smartwatch features we'd expect, including smart notifications for texts, calls and social media updates. Although, only Android users will be able to respond to texts using the device. 

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