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Future iPhone and MacBooks could see huge price hike — chip prices set to rise by 2022

iphone 12 pro
(Image credit: Future)

iPhone 13 rumors suggest it could be the most expensive iPhone yet, but the global chip crisis may cause prices on even more Apple products to rise in 2022 as companies may be forced to pass costs to consumers.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is reportedly gearing up to increase its cost of chips, which is set to be the biggest price hike in a decade. The increase in prices is expected to be noticeable in high-end smartphones and laptops by next year.

According to sources speaking to Nikkei Asia (via iMore), chip developers including Qualcomm and Nvidia are expected to pass price increases along to some of the biggest technology companies, including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, HP and Dell. Apple may be affected directly, as TSMC supplies the Cupertino giant with chips such as the  A14 and M1 chips found in recent iPhone and MacBook models.

The report suggests that higher-end devices will see a bigger shift in prices, meaning companies may keep their more affordable budget smartphones and laptops' potential rising costs to a minimum.

While the iPhone 13 has yet to be officially revealed (set to be revealed this September), there are already murmurs of next year's iPhone 14. If Nikkei Asia's report is anything to go by, next year's iPhone could be even more expensive than the iPhone 13. What's more, the MacBook Pro 2022 is likely to fall victim to the price hike. 

Global chip shortages continue

As previously reported, manufacturers predict that chip shortages may last until 2023, with Dell CEO Michael Dell stating that "the shortage will probably continue for a few years." Even TSMC stated that demand for chips exceeded supplies for most of 2021, meaning it will take time to recover.

Due to COVID-19, many manufacturing plants were forced to close for safety reasons or reduce capacity, which caused shortages. This has affected the biggest names in the tech industry; most noticeably with Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles. PS5 and Xbox Series X shortages are still an issue, and it may not get easier for customers to get their hands on one until 2022.

Regardless of the current chip shortage situation, Apple has yet to announce the price for its upcoming iPhone 13, so take this all in with a pinch of salt. If you're not keen to wait around for any type of price hike, check out the best budget smartphones and best budget laptops to nab right now.