CES 2022: This smart perfume can create and switch between 100 fragrances

NINU Smart Perfume
(Image credit: NINU)

Nothing can escape being "smart" these days, and CES 2022 has now shown off the world's first smart perfume featuring a 100-in-1 fragrance bottle controlled with an AI-powered app. This would certainly be a contender on our list of strangest devices of the year.

First announced back in CES 2021 and shipping in June 2022, the beauty tech device is able to create and switch between 100 fragrances with a tap on a button on a user's smartphone — all in one reusable bottle. 

Priced at $289/£209, the smart perfume comes in three color options — including Flora, Terra and Aura — along with a set of three different 25-milliliter fragrances. Users can mix, match and "load" to create a personalized scent using a "precise blending system," which allows users to control the amount they want to combine together. If you have no clue what scent you're after, the app's auto mode will suggest mixtures depending on the occasion, weather or season. It is a "smart" device, after all. 

The bottle has been designed to be reusable, sporting a rechargeable battery and recyclable cartridges to make the bottle itself a one-time purchase. According to NINU, the tech comes from a team of master perfumers led by Milano-based maestro Dominique Moellhausen, with each fragrance containing a 25% concentration of fragrance oils.

(Image credit: NINU)

NINU wants users to think of its smart perfume device as an "advanced coffee-making machine, that not only lets you choose between a cappuccino or an espresso, but is also able to add extra sugar or cream to fit the likes of your day."

If you're interested in diving into a world of smart fragrances, the NINU Smart Perfume is a Kickstarter project and is now available to pre-order. But, as with all things on Kickstarter, it pays to be skeptical.

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