Droplette review

Droplette offers NASA-funded, needle-free, transdermal skincare

Droplette review
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Laptop Mag Verdict

Droplette delivers unprecedented, at-home skincare results via fluid physics and groundbreaking technology, and it’s worth every penny.


  • +

    Sleek, futuristic design

  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Injection-free, pain free transdermal delivery

  • +

    Clinically-validated serum capsules


  • -

    Costly initial investment

  • -

    Monthly capsule subscription required

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    App currently unavailable

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Droplette is the supernova of beauty tech. Sleek in design and clinically validated, this NASA-backed electromechanical device was invented by MIT-trained PhD scientists Madhavi Gavini and Rathi Srinivas during their mission to create a painless, injection-free transdermal delivery solution to treat epidermolysis bullosa (a rare pediatric disease where the skin does not adhere to the muscle and causes fragile, blistering skin). Gavini and Srinivas realized Droplette’s potential efficacy in cosmetic skincare. We’re talking about a product that could potentially provide needle-free, painless, 20-layer deep, dermal-level delivery with dermatologist-visit results.  As such, the duo introduced the Droplette system to the beauty tech world.

Droplette delivers dermatologist-formulated active ingredients deep into the skin in the form of a micro-mist composed of droplets that are one hundred times smaller than the width of a single hair. When these droplets are expelled at a high velocity by the Droplette microfusion device, your skin feels like it’s being misted by the Fountain of Youth. At the end of each 60 second session, your skin will look and feel like you just had an expensive treatment at an appointment-only, medi-spa or a dermatologist’s office.

Like a true skincare aficionado, at any given time, I have five bottles of serum and five tubes of eye cream in my skincare rotation because I’m all about results, no wrinkles. The delivery method and efficacy of the Droplette system is irrefutable, so I will gladly drop $299 on the Droplette device and another $79 for the subscription-based single-dose serum capsules. Is the Droplette system costly? Yes. But it's more effective than my entire collection of topical serums and eye-cream products combined, while remaining more affordable than other transdermal cosmetic treatments (e.g. Botox is $250 to $500 per treatment area every 3-4 months). That’s a beauty tech and skincare win no matter how you slice it. 

Droplette pricing and availability

The Droplette is a two-part system: the device and the single-use serum capsules. The Droplette device is priced at $299 and comes in three colors: Iris , Infinity Gray and Mint Blue. It offers three dermatologist-formulated serum capsules: 10% collagen (keeps your skin looking visibly plump and hydrated), 0.15% retinol (leaves your skin looking younger and smoother) and 8% glycolic (reveals your skin’s natural luminosity). 

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You can opt for a $79 monthly subscription of 30 serum capsules, which includes five cleaning capsules. This is ideal for everyday usage with your Droplette device. You can also snag the $39 monthly subscription of 12 serum capsules and two cleaning capsules. This is for those who intend to use the Droplette 2-3 times per week.

Additionally, newly launched Droplette Prescriptive Regimens serum capsule sets are now offered as a $79 biweekly subscription that serves to take the guesswork out of your Droplette routine by keeping you on a “rejuvenate-recovery” repetitive cycle to help create your best skin ever. Choose from Ultra Hydrate, Wrinkle Repair, or Radiant Detox sets, which are different combinations of Droplette retinol, glycolic and collagen serum capsules.

Droplette technology

When NASA backs your technology, you know you’re onto something. As mentioned, the Droplette was developed by MIT-trained PhD scientists Gavini and Srinivas. Mechanisms within the Droplette device transforms dermatologist-formulated, active skincare ingredients into powerful micro-mist droplets using a combination of fluid dynamics, the piezoelectric effect and Frick’s laws of diffusion. 

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For those of you who skipped high school science class, let me break it down: it’s technology combined with speed and size. A powerful pump in the Droplette device dispenses the micro-mist droplets at such a high velocity that they pass through the top protective layer of skin, going into and across the dermis, resulting in deep transdermal delivery (we’re talking 20 cell layers deep). 

Droplette design

I’m a chocoholic, so the first thing that popped into my mind when I first saw the Droplette device was that it looked like something straight out of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory: a giant, smooth, lavender-colored egg. But it's so much more than that. Built to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand, it’s super comfortable to hold to the point of almost feeling soothing. It’s aesthetically sleek and futuristic. Tip to tip, the Droplette device measures five inches long, and is just under three inches wide. 

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The linear, raised power button is on the left. The shiny, chrome flip-top capsule door, capsule chamber and indicator light are centered atop the wide end of the device. The charging cradle is glossy white with a non-slip bottom. The charging port is centered on the lower half of the wide end of the cradle. On the underside is a matching glossy white concave plastic that houses the mist dispenser. The mist dispenser opening rests in the center of the upper half of the white concave area. 

The  classic color is Iris, but now the Micro Infusor is offered in two new colors: Infinity Gray and Mint Blue. These two new gender-neutral colors emphasize Droplette’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.  Droplette also updated their packaging to make capsule colors easier to differentiate for those with visual impairments. 

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The Droplette skincare device contains an 850 mAh lithium-ion battery. It comes with a white charging dock (outfitted with a non-slip bottom) and charging cord.  The Droplette device comes with a one-year warranty.

Droplette setup

This device comes partially charged and ready to use. You’ll know it’s time to recharge when you see the indicator light on the device blinking yellow. When fully charged, the device has an average battery life of 80 capsule cycles so you can pack it in a weekend getaway bag with your selected serum capsules.

When you’re ready to get started, cleanse your face twice: once to remove makeup and a second time to remove oil and debris. Pat dry with clean hands or blot dry with a clean towel or face cloth. Select a serum capsule and gently shake it to get the active ingredient party started. Pop open the capsule door and drop a capsule into the chamber. The ridge should be aligned with the groove. Close the capsule door, using the door to push the capsule all the way down until you hear a small click. 

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From here, hold the device’s white surface up to your face, hovering about half an inch away. If you’re using a Glycolic capsule, hold the device so it makes gentle contact with your skin so the acidic mist won’t irritate your eyes, nose, or mouth. Press the power button line on the side of the device to turn it on. Make slow circles around your face, spending 15 seconds on each section: right cheek to chin, left cheek to chin, and then forehead, temple to temple, and brow to hairline. The device will mist for three 15-second intervals, pausing for a couple seconds in between to allow you to reposition your hand. At the end of the last 15 second interval, run the device one more time over your neck and hands to make sure you use every bit of the serum capsule. To be safe, a patch test is recommended when you try a new formula. 

Droplette app

The free Droplette companion app lets you track your skin goals, engage with experts and reorder capsules. 

The app is currently unavailable on the Apple App Store as it is undergoing an upgrade. There is no need to worry though, because the Droplette device is fully functional without the app as it is registered under the customers name, email, and address from the backend. I’ll update this review once the upgraded Droplette app drops. 

Droplette performance

I’m a licensed esthetician, a self-proclaimed beauty tech and skin care product junkie, so you already know I was psyched to try Droplette. I was wow’d by everything about it. The entire story of how it came to be, as well as the physics and science behind it. But everyone’s skin is different, so when in doubt, check with your dermatologist prior to using the Droplette system. You can also consult Droplette customer service via their app or on their website for specific recommendations.

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After the first use of the Droplette device and serum capsule, I was sold. And all I did was follow the instructions: I washed and dried my face, and selected a single-use 0.15% Retinol serum capsule. I chose retinol because I’m 51, but I don’t look my age because I use a Vitamin A derivative regularly. I gave the capsule a little shake before popping it into the Droplette capsule chamber.  I pushed the power button, closed my eyes, and slowly circled the Droplette over my face, while experiencing the Retinol micro-mist party that was getting started at the dermal level of my skin. No needles, no pain, all the gain. After that first 60 second session, I noticed a marked difference in my skin. The lines on my forehead looked a little less deep and my skin looked smoother.

I continued regular use of the Droplette for one month, alternating between the 10% collagen and 8% glycolic capsules during the day, as well as the 0.15% Retinol capsules in the evening. I always followed with moisturizer and sunscreen, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The lines on my forehead diminished and my complexion looks brighter, more hydrated and more evened out. To my delight, my significant other also noticed the change. The other night, in the middle of him playing one of his “Everyone must die” video games, he paused for a second, looked over at me lovingly and exclaimed, “Babe, your skin looks amazing!” I really think he just wanted the last chocolate crinkle cookie, but I graciously accepted the compliment.

Bottom line

Some beauty tech devices are worth their weight in gold. Droplette is one of those devices.

I’m going to give it to you straight, no chaser: Droplette is the device that could change the paradigm of how topical skincare products and treatments are delivered. 

With a price tag of $299 for the device (plus a minimum of $39 per month for the serum subscription service), the initial investment for the Droplette system is nothing to sneeze at. A formidable drawback is that you can’t mix and match serums in one subscription. If you want more than one formulation, you have to subscribe to each one, but there is no minimum obligation to fulfill and you can modify or cancel your subscription at any time.

Subscription woes notwithstanding, the Droplette system works, transdermally, without needles or pain or downtime. And it’s clinically-validated to be 68% more effective than topically applied serums whose molecular formulations are too large to get through the skin without a needle. To be honest, the costs are on-point for what you get, and are pretty standard among other high-tech beauty devices on the market.

If the price point works for your budget and you’re looking for the most revolutionary, cutting-edge beauty tech that delivers active skincare ingredients in a micro-mist across and into —  not onto —  your skin, Droplette is a gem worth adding to your at-home skincare repertoire.