Bad news for the holidays — new iPads aren't expected until 2024

iPad Air 5
(Image credit: Apple)

There’s plenty of buzz around the new iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9 lineup, but don’t get too excited if you’re expecting a new iPad this year as well. We learned a lot about Apple’s upcoming products and software, but iPad news — aside from details about iPadOS 17 — was lacking. 

According to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, you’re out of luck if you planned on spoiling someone with a new iPad this holiday season. Apple is reportedly not going to release any new iPad models this year. But hey, at least you can still splurge on a new iPhone 15 or upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 9

How reliable is this rumor of no new iPads?

Ming-Chi Kuo has given reports in the past with more details than this one, and he usually specifies whether he’s getting the information from sources within the supply chain or forming his own opinions based on what he’s learned. With this tweet, which reads “New iPad models are unlikely before the year’s end,” Kuo doesn’t give any extra details on where he learned this information or how he came to that conclusion. 

We weren’t expecting to see new iPads at Apple’s Wonderlust event, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman — a highly reliable tech reporter — suggested that there might be an “iPad refresh in October” and a new iPad Air “coming soonish.” With other rumors of a new iPad Air in 2023 and a recent leak that suggested a new iPad Mini upgrade soon, it’s difficult to know which rumors hold more weight.

This tweet from Kuo about Apple not releasing any new iPads comes shortly after another tweet from Kuo that suggests Apple won’t be releasing any new MacBooks this year either. This suggestion corresponds with another leak we reported on back in May 2023. 

It’s impossible to know whether Kuo is making these predictions for no new iPads or MacBooks based on direct information from sources or past performance and habits. If we don’t hear anything from Apple about an event in October, the rumors are likely true. If that’s the case, we’ll just have to settle for the best iPads and best MacBooks out right now to spoil our friends and family this holiday season.