The best earbuds to gift as stocking stuffers this holiday season

The JLab JBubs Air ANC (2nd Gen) aloft a Christmas tree
(Image credit: Alex Bracetti/Future)

Wireless earbuds make some of the best last-minute Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. The market has introduced many great and affordable options over the past two years, several of which can be found on our best cheap noise-cancelling earbuds and best cheap wireless earbuds lists. But there’s one brand that has us sold on what to stuff into our family members’ stockings this Christmas: JLab. 

This California-based audio company is a go-to for budget-conscious shoppers seeking inexpensive sporty wireless earbuds. You can also enjoy these buds casually. Having reviewed many of JLab’s offerings, I can attest to their great quality and value.

Laptop Magazine has three specific models in mind, one of which even runs for as low as $20. What can you expect? Powerful sound, sturdy aesthetics, and plenty of features for the price. 

As much as you want to splurge on AirPods for everyone, just remember that leaves little in the budget to gift others, specifically yourself. It’s always the thought that counts, and your loved ones will have to plenty to appreciate once they unbox these bargain gems. 

Come see what we’re talking about.

The best $20 tech gift around

The colorful, energetic-sound JLab Go Air Pop sells for $25

(Image credit: Alex Bracetti/Future)

There are some fantastic $20 tech gifts out there, from Bluetooth-tracking devices to charging cables to USB adapters. You can also find some wireless earbuds around this price point, though most are lackluster. The Go Air Pop remains the exception.

JLab’s most impressive product to date packs ample battery life and versatile sound into a compact and durable design. A full charge generates up to 8 hours of use, which is higher than any AirPods model, while the charging case holds up to 32 hours. Signature brand features like built-in EQ settings and an integrated USB charging cable are included. Connectivity is also improved from past JLab products, extending range up to 35 feet and pairing quicker to recognized devices via patented Auto On & Connect technology.

You can purchase the Go Air Pop in five attractive colors: Black, Lilac, Rose, Slate, and Teal. 

Highly attainable buds with big bass

Compact, bass-heavy, and durable best describe the JLab JBuds Air ANC (2nd Gen)

(Image credit: Alex Bracetti/Future)

The JBuds Air ANC (2nd Gen) is a notable upgrade that adds cool wireless features to what are already satisfying, warm-sounding wireless earbuds. Bass slaps hard with JLab’s Signature EQ favoring contemporary music tracks with heavy low-end presence, which is ideal for fitness fanatics. Be Aware mode comes in handy for hearing your surroundings and engaging in brief chats without having to take off the buds. Battery life is solid at 7 to 10 hours per charge, depending how you use the buds, and the charging case holds between 24 to 40 hours. 

But, again, it’s the wireless improvements that make this second-gen version an enticing purchase. What other $60 wireless earbuds do you know that come with companion app support to customize sound, one-tap Google Fast Pair for instantaneous connectivity with Android devices, and Tile integration? Not many, I’m sure. These buds do.

Superb sporty noise-cancelling earbuds for $99

The JLab Epic Air Sport ANC (2nd Gen) are arguably the best sports earbuds under $100

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Some critics consider the Epic Air Sport ANC (2nd Gen) one of the best wireless earbuds for under $100. The ear hook design provides terrific on-ear stability, and the IP66-rated exterior is durable enough to resist dirt, sweat, and heavy splashing. A variety of ear tips come bundled with the purchase, though it is JLab’s Cloud Foam tips that perform best, conveniently forming to your ear shape over time. 

Enhancements to audio are significant, with the Epic Air Sport ANC’s soundstage being more well-rounded for better frequency range. You’re not just getting energetic and impactful bass, but also crisp mids and perceptible highs, which are two sonic attributes the previous version lacked. The ambient-listening mode (Be Aware) is still effective for runners looking to increase their awareness outdoors, and though JLab’s ANC isn’t as powerful as it was on the original, you get some noise neutralization to block out common distractions during exercises. 

Bottom line – buy several JLab models and go on a gifting spree

Gift models like the JLab Epic Air Sport ANC (2nd Gen) and JLab JBuds Air ANC (2nd) to your family this holiday season

(Image credit: Alex Bracetti/Future)

Right now, you can purchase all three pairs of JLab wireless earbuds – individually or in bulk – for less than category leaders like the AirPods Pro 2 ($249), Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 ($249), and Sony WF-1000XM4 ($279). How crazy is that?

Yes, these luxury wireless earbuds come with more functionality and stronger sound. At the same time, they can’t be used for exercising, except maybe the AirPods Pro 2, though it really depends on the level of workout. 

Whichever way your giftees plan on using their JLab buds, they can breathe easy knowing the company’s warranty policies favor them. JLab offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and two years for defective products. Apple only provides a 1-year warranty for AirPods. 

Convinced? Great. Now, start loading up your virtual shopping cart.