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PS5 pre-orders could go live this week, leak suggests

(Image credit: Sony)

Our next-gen console bingo boards are finally filling up now that we know the release date and price of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. We're just waiting on Sony to help us cover the remaining spaces. 

Sony has yet to confirm the pricing and availability for the PS5, but several leaks have narrowed things down for us. The latest comes from a now-deleted tweet from the major UK retailer Game. Captured by TheSixthAxis, the tweet addresses "those awaiting preorders" and says "PS5 have scheduled an announcement tomorrow." The tweet was posted on September 8 so "tomorrow" is today.

Before you grab your credit card, we should mention that a separate, now-debunked leak had claimed Sony would open pre-orders for the PS5 at its PSVR showcase. The company was quick to refute those claims, saying there would be "no PS5-related news" at the event. 

Game might have been citing the leak instead of insider information. As things stand, you can submit your PSN ID to register for a chance of pre-ordering the console. Sony will determine who can buy the console before anyone else “based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.”

Sony is under the spotlight after Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Series X would cost $499 while the Xbox Series S will go for $299 when they launch on November 10. Pre-orders for those consoles begins on September 22, in less than two weeks from today. 

Now would be a great time for Sony to fill us in on the PS5 or risk gamers nabbing the Xbox Series S or Series X instead. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the original PlayStation — I can't think of a better time to usher in the new era.