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Microsoft Edge update addresses YouTube streaming issues

Microsoft Edge update
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft's been aggressive updating its Chromium-based Edge browser in its battle to unseat Google Chrome. The latest Edge update addresses an ongoing issue with streaming video content from YouTube

According to Reddit users, over the past few weeks YouTube videos playing in Microsoft Edge freeze as a loading circle spins endlessly. Recently, Bleeping Computer detailed the issue they discovered during their testing. 

After the rise of Reddit complaints got the notice of a Microsoft Edge developer. Microsoft stated that it was working on a fix for the YouTube issues users had been dealing with and that a canary channel had seemed to fix the issue. The Microsoft developer wrote, " It is indeed video related. I can confirm that much. I can also say that if you are still experiencing this, we’re still working on getting it sorted out. The Canary fix I mentioned helped a lot of people, but not everyone, and there’s an upstream fix coming in soon." 

As reported last year by 9TO5Google, Microsoft Edge has had previous issues with streaming YouTube content due to an ad blocker issue causing a conflict.