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Check your PS5 gaming stats with PlayStation Wrap-Up 2020

PlayStation Wrap Up PS5 PS4 Gaming Stats
(Image credit: Sony)

Sony began a trend in 2019 that gave us a rundown of all of our stats from the year, and it's now returning to inform us about what we accomplished during 2020. 

With PlayStation Wrap-Up, you can see your most played games of the year, how many you played, the top genre, your total hours of gameplay, what day of the week you most often played, and more.

PlayStation Wrap-Up exists in a similar vein to Spotify Wrapped, allowing users to get a taste of what went on throughout the year. For example, my most played game of 2020 was Final Fantasy VII Remake. And my most played PS5 game is Demon's Souls at 38 hours of gameplay. I also earned 232 Trophies throughout the year, although that's nothing in comparison to some of my Platinum-hunting friends.

There are also some general stats available, like that there were 161 million home runs in MLB: The Show 2020. And the top three PlayStation Now games in 2020 are Marvel's Spider-Man, Days Gone, and Horizon Zero Dawn. PlayStation users have also put in a total of 200 million hours of gaming in 2020.

If you reach the bottom of your PlayStation Wrap-Up, you'll be offered a free PS4 theme. It's not particularly fancy, but it tosses a greyed-out version of the four PlayStation face buttons onto the screen, and it looks quite slick.