Windows Goodbye: Dynamic Lock Function Closes PC When You're Away

It looks like Microsoft left a cool little feature out of the announcement for the latest build of Windows Insider. Our friends at Windows Central found Dynamic Lock in build 15002, a service which tries to detect when you're no longer sitting in front of your notebook so it can lock the system.

It's the opposite of Windows Hello (in fact, Windows Central reports that internally it's called "Windows Goodbye,"), which scans for your face to log you in. Hello only works on laptops with infrared cameras, such as the Surface Book, Surface Pro and EliteBook Folio G1, and we've found in our testing that it works fantastically. We don't know if Dynamic Lock needs infrared cameras.

In fact, we have no idea what Dynamic Lock will look for when the Windows 10 Creators update launches. It could wait for you to stop moving the mouse or typing or even just log you out when the screen turns off.

Whatever it ends up being, if it's anything as good as Windows Hello, the whole process of protecting your account just got a whole lot easier.

Windows 10 Security and Networking