Here's Your First Look at Windows 10 Neon

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During its Windows 10 Developer Day livestream yesterday, Microsoft showed off the first concept image for Neon, its new design language for Windows 10.

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The image originally had overlays on top of it, but Twitter user Tom Hounsell managed to isolate the screenshot and make it easier to view.

Because it's a concept, it's unlikely that this is anything near final and is very likely to change. The image shows a white task bar with black icons and a minimalist system tray with only the date and time (I wonder where the icons are hiding?). The Groove app has new playback controls and there's no top border to the program. 

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We're expecting to see the Neon redesign later this year. If this is any indication, it won't be a major change, but a series of minor updates to make Windows 10's interface a bit more modern.


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  • Joshua Says:


    This? Fisher Price? Are you borrowing arguments from the Windows XP era? I don't see people crying out "utter desperation" whenever Apple redesigns macOS, so I don't see reason to do it now.

    Also, pretty much every OS launch has had issues with drivers; I believe they had only become very obvious in Windows 10 because of the free upgrade window and the common usage of social media. But it is becoming clear that Windows 10 has become arguably among the most polished OSs in a decade; while Windows 7 is undoubtedly a very good OS, things change and Windows 10 is a great competitor to modern versions of macOS on the consumer front while not having a completely closed ecosystem.

    I don't think Microsoft is acting out of desperation; stock has gone significantly up ever since Satya Nadella started to sit as CEO, and Microsoft is also starting to contribute a lot more to open-source projects, now having exceeded Facebook and even Google (unbelievably) to be #1 GitHub contributor among the big IT corporations.

  • Paspas Says:

    Utter desperation from MS. More and more people prefer Windows 7 or another OS. That's not gonna change with new shiny Fisher Price graphics and forcing spy-apps like Cortana on the user. Hardware companies are already starting to roll back from their 'W10-only' mistakes. If MS wants to fail so badly, no need to accompany them on the way down.

  • Eddie G. Says:

    Sorry, you can put lipstick on a pig and put it in a dress, but its still a pig. M$ can dress up Win10 in whatever outfit they see fit, it's STILL Win10!....I'll stick to Linux thank you very much!

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