Windows 10 Game Mode is Live For Insiders, But Maybe Hold Off

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Windows 10's Game Mode is live for Windows Insider users in the fast release ring. It's part of Preview Build 15019, and the final version will release in the Creators Update.

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Game Mode prioritizes the CPU and GPU's resources to go towards the game you're playing for a better frame rate. You can enable it by going to Settings > Gaming > Game Mode.

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In an ironic twist of fate, this insider build has some serious gaming glitches. The known issues include popular games (Microsoft doesn't say which) crashing and minimized games not being restored. The company says this is not related to Game Mode; it's just really unfortunate timing.

The new build has a bunch of other gaming features too, including built-in streaming to Microsoft's new service, Beam, as well as detailed parental controls (matching those found on Xbox One) and a gaming section in the settings app for the Game bar, Game DVR, broadcasting and more.

We're downloading the build right now and will let you know how it stacks up.

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