How to Update Your iPad to iOS 10.2 and Get All The Emojis

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Apple finally released iOS 10.2 today (Dec. 12) and it features a handful of improvements, including the new TV app and refinements to the design of the Music app. But for others, the marquee feature of the iOS update is its plethora of new emoji, which includes David Bowie-esque avatars, a glass of dark liquor and bacon, glorious bacon.


You can update your device by opening Settings, tapping General, tapping Software Update and following the instructions. For more information, including how to backup before your update, read our Updating Your iPad guide.

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The TV app lets users find recommendations for new movies and TV shows with the Watch Now section and it's the new way to access rentals and past purchases of from the iTunes Store. If you're not interested in Apple's new TV app, don't worry, as we've already discovered you can delete it from your device, much like Maps and other apps obviated by better alternatives.

One of the more storied emoji available in the update is the revised peach, which was first changed to look more like a peach, which made Apple the butt of all pictographic jokes. Fortunately for those dirty-minded emoji-lovers, Apple reversed course and released a peach emoji in 10.2 that looks both like the fruit itself and also bears resemblance to the object of Sir Mix-A-Lot's fascination.

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