Toshiba Teases Sexy Dynabook Concepts

BERLIN - Who needs an iPad Pro? At Microsoft’s keynote at IFA 2015, Toshiba teased a spiffy looking tablet with stylus support called the Dynabook.

Toshiba says the 12-inch tablet prototype is a vision of what a more personal computing device might be, and likens the concept to a digital version of pen and paper. The idea is to make recording and organizing information both faster and easier, and the system was designed for integration with such Windows 10 productivity apps as TruNote, TruCapture and Tru Recorder.

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Since the prototype was shielded behind a clear plastic box, I was just a few inches shy of an actual hands-on, but from what I could see, the Dynabook looked pretty polished. This would give Toshiba a new weapon to combat Microsoft’s Surface line and Lenovo's newly announced IdeaPad Miix 700.

Toshiba showed off two versions of the Dynabook. One was a simple tablet and stylus, and the other was a hybrid setup with a rigid detachable keyboard. It’s not a folding number like you get on the Surface.

As with most prototypes, there was no mention of specs, price, or release date, but the prototype I saw was at least far along enough to be powered on and running Windows 10, so a real consumer product might not be .