Top 10 Tablet Flops

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There are tablets that are mildly disappointing, you know, the kind that don't quite live up to their potential. And then there are slates that are so bad they should have never seen the light of day. We're talking about the kind of fail that should cause a company to rethink its whole product strategy. Some of these tablets were so awful they caused their makers' stocks to tank. Hard. Here are the top 10 tablet flops.

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  • Jonny_C Says:

    How in the hell didn't Acers' iconia B1 make your list? By far the worst piece of shit ever put out there. I took the one I had and skipped it off a rock into Lake Erie. That was the only thing it did properly.

  • Natsu Says:

    the proscan plt 7650g was the worst tablet in a lot of people's opinions including mine

  • Johann Schuster Says:

    My Dell Streak 5 still kicks! For an android phone it is awesome! The 5" screen is rockin' and the CPU is just fine. It's only drwback is poor support from Dell. To this day I have strangers asking where can they get one? It needs a better camera and audio chip though...

  • JohnnyL Says:

    Playbook OS 2.0 is a lot more elegant and less resource intensive than android. True multitasking and the best browser on a tablet. If its a flop its like Beta to Android's VHS. It is just too bad that they rushed the release before the OS was ready. At $199, it's superior to any 7" Android tablet at that price and probably $50 to $100 more.

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