Top 10 Features of OS X Mavericks

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Apple's latest desktop operating system, OS X Mavericks, is officially available for download, and best of all, it's available for free as an upgrade for Mac users with Macs going as far back as 2007. Cupertino promises that Mavericks will provide a host of improvements to system performance, as well as some slick new software features and apps. Apple claims Mavericks will help improve your Mac's battery life, get more out of your computer's RAM and even boost graphics efficiency. Software improvements include updates to Safari, tabbed Finder windows, document tagging and iCloud keychain. But there's more to Mavericks than that. So read on, to check out the top features of Apple's newest desktop operating system.

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  • Andy Says:

    And here it is, April 2014, and some of the most fundamental parts of Mavericks, simple things like Calendar alerts, remain broken and barely useable while other things, such as "Save As" have been inexplicably redesigned to the point of being frustrating and time-consuming to use.

    But it sure does look pretty.

  • R Gaudy Says:

    Dear Windows (and Linux) aficionados:

    1. Linux? Great for the egghead crowd. I want to actually use a computer for what I like to do, not prove how much I know about computers.
    2. Sexy hardware and second-rate software? You really mean the best hardware in personal computing and software that is tailored for real life usage? (I don't play games, but I do professional picture editing and advanced amateur video - nothing in the PC realm even comes close.
    3. No one uses Safari? Uh, OK? Maps? Who cares (by the way, every time I've used Safari maps, it seems to work fine)? Pay for each update? Apparently you didn't get the memo on Mavericks (FREE). How much did you pay (hundreds of $$$$) for your last Windows upgrade?

    Switched from PC to Mac about 6 years ago and never, ever looked back. But hey, to each their own.

  • R. Udini Says:

    These don't sound like features, who even uses these things? No one uses Safari, Google's map and calendar are much better, I already have a good password manager that runs on all my devices (even my phone), I mean these features aren't even any good. Also, multi-display support? Really? That thing PCs have done for a long time? Glad I'm not an OS X user, their software updates barely do anything and yet you still have to pay for each update...

  • Mitch Says:

    You missed one: OS X Mavericks Server, providing centralized update management for iOS and Mac clients, update caching for both, profile management, and a host of other features -- for $20. While Windows Intune covers more platforms, the annual subscription cost ($72) over 3x the one-time cost of Mavericks Server.

    So, here's another missed: Mavericks costs less than Windows.

  • John Smith Says:


    I've come to realize: Apple makes sexy hardware, but their software is second-rate compared to the competition.

  • Joseph G. Mitzen Says:

    I had most of these (tabbed file explorer, file tags, multi-monitor, etc.) when I switched to Linux and KDE in 2010.

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