The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Makes Us Ask: Why Aren't Tablet Cameras Better?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Camera App

In our review of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 I lamented that the tablet's camera did not end up matching early specs released by Samsung. The company initially claimed that the rear-facing cam would be 8 megapixels and record 1080p video. The actual unit fell way short of that: 3-MP only, 720p video max. In our review of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, we attributed Samsung's lackluster camera effort to the idea that consumers aren't expected to actually use the cameras on their tablets much, except for video chat. But is this assumption true?

A tablet isn't as easy to whip out when you want to snap a quick picture, unlike a phone. Nor is it as easy to carry around at a family function or any other gathering where pictures are supposed to happen. And imagine lugging a tablet on a nature hike and using it to line up shots of birds and flowers. Yes, the tablet isn't the best camera-bearing device in the world. Does that matter?

Would you use your tablet's camera more if it took better pictures that were worth saving and sharing? Or is the nature of the pictures you'd probably take such that the quality doesn't have to be good? We're interested in hearing your thoughts on this, LAPTOP readers. Especially those who are avid amateur photographers. Take a gander at the gallery of images shot with the Tab below.

Aside form the camera issue, the Tab 10.1 is a pretty sweet machine. We're fans of the slick design, the light weight, and the performance of Android 3.1. If you haven't checked it out yet, read our full review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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  • Peter Says:

    Camera's on smart phones have a legitimate use as I see it. You almost ALWAYS carry your phone an your, and since it it being marketed as an all in one device, having good quality components (camera, speakers, microphone etc.) is incredibly important. Having an at least decent camera on a smart phone is a must, and that include the front facing ones now being put on. For tablets thought, I never really got the idea of a camera on the back. I can almost never seeing myself using it. The front facing one again should be at least decent, as more portable devices are featuring a front facing camera and video calling becoming more popular. And if even if, on the off chance, I just NEED a picture while using my tablet, it would be easier to use whip out my phone (and get better quality as well).

  • Jesse B Andersen Says:

    I won't be taking professional photos with any tablet or cell phone. There are dedicated DSLR cameras that will put everything else to shame. Cameras on tablets are a "nice" feature, but not "the feature" to get a tablet. Tablet manufacturers don't use tablet cameras to take pictures for their marketing materials... that would look ugly. so... they don't really care about the quality. The only reason they add them is because it's more features that the news tech publishing companies can write about. More buzz improves the chances that someone will buy the product.

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