The 8 Cheapest Computers in the World

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When the PC era began in the early 1980s, you'd be lucky to find a computer for under $3,000. Today, you can buy a notebook that's hundreds of times more powerful than the original IBM PC for well under $400, but for many people around the world, even that is too much. A new generation of low-cost tablets, USB-sized computers and miniature motherboards can put an entire world of computing power in the palm of your hand for as little as $25. 

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  • Kyle Cumming Says:

    I like computers :{) I think computers are very good and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside

  • Evilbob Says:

    Repeating the slideshow complaint. They seem to be catching on, and it's just annoying and a major turn-off to reading articles. Especially with the perceptible loading time and needing to click for each paragraph.

  • Beaglebone Black Says:

    I see no Beaglebone Black. It's just like the Raspberry Pi but stronger and costs 45$.

  • Lee Silber Says:

    What is the cheapest computer in the world a PC where I can transport 10,000 satellite channels on it for say $39 a month. I see on the internet all the time I can put 10,000 channels on a computer for from $39 a month to $19 a month. I want to buy a pc in less than 2 weeks so please help me get the cheapest pc say $25 so I can put 10,000 channels on it as soon as possible.

  • me Says:

    Hope you are a woman ! Lol The one that you see has a word "next " press that word "next "you'll see the next article !

  • Confused Says:

    Why does this page say "8 cheapest computers.." and I only see one?

  • Frank Says:

    I believe T-Bell is the cheapest tablet computer. I bought the T-Bell T204 from their website for $87 and it's served me well. I believe they also have a $99 laptop, although I'm not sure if it's the cheapest in the market

  • anon ymous Says:

    Seconding the slideshow complaint.

  • anon Says:

    stop making slideshow articles

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