Star Wars Fuhu Nabi Tablets Let Kids Use the Force

Just in time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, tablet-maker Fuhu is giving kids a new way to tap into the force. The company has launched two new collector's edition bundles of its popular Nabi tablet -- one for youngsters on the Light Side of the force, and another for aspiring Sith Lords who want to embrace the Dark Side. Both limited-edition bundles are available now, and cost $169.

The two tablets are essentially re-skinned version of the existing 7-inch Nabi, which sports a large rubber bumper around the screen to protect against any Jedi vs. Sith scraps.  The Light Side edition features a glow-in the dark neon green bumper with R2-D2 decals surrounding the screen, while the all-black Dark Side version has Stormtrooper helmets bordering the display.

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Regardless of where your allegiances lie, both bundles include access to a special Star Wars sound pack. You'll hear R2-D2's signature beeps and bloops when you hit the home button, listen to blaster fire as you swipe between home screens and can even be woken up by Chewbacca's distinctive growl in the morning. 

Aside from those extra touches, you'll be getting a standard 7-inch Nabi tablet, which is one of our favorite kids slates on the market thanks to its durable design, robust parental controls and ability to run a full version of Android for the whole family to use. There's currently no word on whether or not any of the software-based Star Wars goodies will be available for existing Nabi owners. 

Be careful where you shop, however -- the Light Side edition will launch first at Best Buy, while the Dark Side package is available at a range of locations including Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Fuhu's website. These limited-edition slates will be individually numbered, so those looking to get their padawans an extra-special tablet might want to act fast. 

Michael Andronico
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