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Rumor: Facebook To Buy For $100 Million

Facebook has been on a big buying spree over the past few months -- you have to do something with all those billions, after all -- and TechCrunch says the trend is set to continue with the social media giant reportedly acquiring, a leading facial recognition software platform. In fact, multiple TechCrunch sources call it "a done deal" with a $100 million price tag.'s facial recognition technology already has several in-roads with Facebook; the company's KLIK app scans the pictures of your Facebook Friends to learn their faces and provide instantaneous tags when you take photos of them in the future. also offers a Facebook app called Photo Tagger, which identifies faces in your Facebook photo albums.

Facebook's automatic photo tagging feature doesn't work on mobile platforms, only the desktop version of the site, but's face recognition technology works on handsets as well as PCs. That alone could make it a juicy target for Facebook, which has been focusing heavily on mobile platforms and photography in recent days.

Facebook acquired Instagram in a blockbuster $1 billion deal just under two months ago. Earlier this month, it hired the team behind Lightbox, an Android-focused photo app, and just last week the company released a new Facebook Camera app.