How to find the Hollow Halls in Enshrouded: Steps, tips and tricks

How to find the Hollow Halls in Enshrouded
(Image credit: Keen Games)

Enshrouded just got a big update that you don't want to miss: a series of challenging dungeons called the Hollow Halls. Inside you'll find new types of enemies, intense boss fights, unique loot, and even a new NPC to summon to your base. If you want to know how to find the Hollow Halls in Enshrouded, this guide will walk you through every step, from getting the first quest marker to summoning the Collector. 

Here's everything you need to know about the Hollow Halls in Enshrouded and how to find and beat the first one. 

Spoiler alert: This guide does not contain spoilers for the final combat encounter of the Springlands Hollow Halls, but it does contain hints about the layout and content of the dungeon. There are no spoilers for anything in the Revelwood, Nomad Highlands, or Kindlewastes Hollow Halls. 

What are the Hollow Halls? 

Enshrouded Hollow Halls first room

(Image credit: Keen Games)

The Hollow Halls are a new type of dungeon that was added to Enshrouded in it's first update since early access release. The update was released on March 26, 2024 and brought a lot of new items and fixes to the game, but the Hollow Halls were the main event. 

These dungeons are designed to be more difficult than the tombs, sanctums, and abandoned villages currently in the game. They function a bit like Ancient Spires and Flame Sanctums, with a teleportation pad that takes you in and out of a maze littered with enemies and loot chests. 

There is one Hollow Halls dungeon per biome, so there are currently four that are playable. Keep in mind, Enshrouded is still an early access so there are large portions of the map that aren't available yet. That means there will most likely be more Hollow Halls locations added down the line. 

If you've spent some time in Enshrouded, you've probably noticed that each biome has a different difficulty level. The Hollow Halls work the same way. So, you need to start with the Springlands location to unlock the more challenging Hollow Halls. 

Here's where to start — and a few tips for successfully beating the Hollow Halls. 

Step 1. Talk to the Alchemist for the quest "Explore the Hollow Halls"

Enshrouded Hollow Halls map with location marker

An Alchemist quest should reveal this location on your map (Image credit: Keen Games)

If you want to know how to find the Hollow Halls in Enshrouded, start by talking to the Alchemist. He has a quest called "Explore the Hollow Halls" that will reveal the location of the Springlands Hollow Halls on your map. So, if you're still early in the game and haven't summoned him yet, you'll have some work to do first. 

If you do have the Alchemist but aren't seeing the quest "Explore the Hollow Halls," continue completing quests for the Alchemist and leveling up. The first Hollows Halls dungeon is designed for players who are minimum level 10 (the level of the enemies you will face there), so if you haven't unlocked the quest yet, you may simply be too low level for it. 

The other NPCs have comments and lore about the Hollow Halls as well, so if talking to them triggers conversations about the new dungeons, you should have the Hollow Halls Alchemist quest available. Once you get the quest from him, a quest marker should appear on your map directly west of Longkeep (the abandoned village near the starting zone). 

Step 2. Fly or run to the Hollow Halls quest maker

Enshrouded Hollow Halls entrance

It's hard to miss the entrance to the Hollow Halls (Image credit: Keen Games)

The Springlands Hollow Halls is in the hills east of Longkeep and south of Peaceful Acres farm. You can fly there with your glider, but it's also a fairly quick walk. Head toward the Flame Sanctum in that corner of the map and follow the edge of the mountain north until you get to a trail leading up into the hills. You'll find the first Hollow Halls location tucked away at the top.

Step 3. Head inside... but come prepared

Enshrouded Hollow Halls teleporter pad

It's wise to prepare before stepping on this teleporter... (Image credit: Keen Games)

Once you arrive at the first Hollow Halls location, you can head inside to take on the hordes of enemies waiting below. However, you might not want to go diving in without some preparation first. The Hollow Halls are designed to be challenging for a group, let alone a solo player (although it is possible to solo them). 

First, it's probably best to make sure you (and any co-op players) are at least level 10. My co-op group ranged from level 9 to level 18 and we were able to breeze through most of the first Hollow Halls dungeon, but still faced a challenge at the end of it. If you are trying to solo it, you will probably want to be well above level 10, depending on the class you're playing and the gear you have. I would recommend level 15. 

Before leaving your base, make sure you get the rested buff by sitting beside a fire for a few minutes. Cook plenty of food, too. Grilled game and grilled wolf meat are the best early game options, but if you are a bit further along, you can also craft meals with the Farmer, which offer better stat bonuses. Make sure to visit the Alchemist, as well, and craft plenty of healing potions (I'd recommend a couple dozen... yes, really). 

If you're a magic user, craft a dozen or so mana potions, as well. You should also stock up on spell charges if you're using a staff. Fireball II performed the best for me, but Fireball I is also good. Healing charges can come in handy, but potions are better since they restore health faster (which you'll want in the final combat zone of the dungeon). 

Finally, if you have a Flask of the Fell or any special items like a Prayer of the Flame Scroll, I would also recommend using those once you arrive at the Hollow Halls. 

Step 4. Navigate the dungeon by searching for runes to open magic barriers

Enshrouded Hollow Halls barrier unlocked icon

Keep an eye out for this "barrier unlocked" notification (Image credit: Keen Games)

Once you enter the Hollow Halls, you'll face a quick combat encounter against half a dozen or so skeletal enemies. Finish them off then head over to the teleporter in the center of the room. This will take you down to the first respawn flame in the dungeon below. 

After that, things are pretty straightforward. Expect to navigate a maze of rooms and hallways with groups of about six to twelve enemies throughout. Along the way, you'll run into glowing magic barriers. To deactivate these, you need to search for runes, which have a distinctive green glow. (Hint: make sure you bring your grappling hook.) 

Sometimes runes are floating around rooms in the dungeons, but enemies can also "carry" the runes, meaning you'll have to kill those specific enemies to deactivate the barrier. You can tell an enemy is carrying a rune if they have a glowing green rune icon floating above their head. Usually only the more powerful enemies carry runes (so the skeletal dogs are not your prime suspects here). 

Step 5. Awaken the Collector NPC at the end of the dungeon

Enshrouded Hollow Halls Collector coffin

Don't miss this coffin at the end of the first Hollow Halls dungeon (Image credit: Keen Games)

Near the end of the dungeon, you'll arrive at a room with a giant hole in the floor. This is your point of no return. Once you jump through, you can't go back to the teleportation pad you entered the dungeon with, so you will have no choice but to face the final combat zone if you want to leave the Hollow Halls.

If you're sure you're ready to continue, jump through and use your glider to land on the platform below. Eventually you will arrive at the final room of the dungeon. I won't spoil what's waiting there, but here's a hint: there will be a bridge.

After defeating whatever awaits you in the final room of the dungeon, the last barrier will dissolve, allowing you to enter a room at the far end of the final combat zone. Don't skip this room! Inside you'll find a glowing coffin standing upright against the wall. Opening this coffin awakens the sixth NPC in Enshrouded, the Collector, who you'll need to summon back at your base to unlock the other Hollow Halls locations.

After awakening the Collector, make sure you check out the other rooms in the final combat zone to grab a few final loot chests. Then you can proceed through the room with the Collector's coffin to one last chamber, where you can use the teleporter pad get back to the entrance and head back to your base.

How to find the other three Hollow Halls in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Hollow Halls Collector NPC

Make sure you talk to the Collector after beating the first Hollow Halls dungeon (Image credit: Keen Games)

After returning to your base, you can summon the Collector to unlock new quests and recipes. Among these are recipes for "bone keys", starting with the Revelwood Bone Key. 

You need one of each of these keys to unlock the other three Hollow Halls. You won't unlock all three recipes at once, though. You need to clear each Hollow Hall in order to unlock the next one. The order goes: Springlands, Revelwood, Nomad Highlands, Kindlewastes. 

Remember, the difficulty increases significantly with each new dungeon. So, make sure you take time to level up and improve your gear before trying each one, especially if you're trying to beat them solo. 

Here's one last hint: the gear you find in the Hollow Halls often provides damage bonuses specifically against enemies in the Hollow Halls. Pick up as much as you can and enhance it to give yourself a bit of an edge in the next biome's Hollow Halls dungeon. You can also replay any of the Hollow Halls after you finish them if you want some more loot or XP. 

Overall, I've enjoyed playing through the Hollow Halls and I can safely say they're best experienced with a couple co-op buddies. If you're a fan of co-op games, make sure to check out our full breakdown of Enshrouded vs Valheim and Enshrouded vs Nightingale. Can't run them? Check out the best gaming laptops of 2024.

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