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HP Reportedly Working on Android-Powered Tablet

To say HP has had a hard time establishing itself in the mobile marketplace is an understatement. Just look at what happened with the TouchPad. And let's not forget the overall failure to make webOS fly on smartphones and PCs. But there may be hope for the PC maker yet. According to ReadWrite, citing anonymous sources, HP is developing several new mobile devices running none other than Google's Android operating system.

The first device will reportedly be a tablet powered by Nvidia's recently announced Tegra 4 processor. The tablet is said to have been in the works since November, though no other specs on the device are available. ReadWrite says HP may also be working on an Android smartphone. However, HP CEO Meg Whitman said she wouldn't offer a smartphone in 2013 when Whitman spoke at the Gartner Symposium in October, 

A move to Android-based devices would make sense for HP which, like most PC manufacturers, has seen its PC market share eroded by tablets in recent years. The last mobile device the company developed, the HP TouchPad, failed to catch on with consumers and was cancelled just months after its launch. 

Has HP learned any lessons from its previous mistakes? We may soon find out.