NoteSlate E Ink Tablet Offers Pen and Paper Experience for $99

Coming to market in June 2011, the 13-inch NoteSlate is a tablet for those who value easy writing and sketching over extra bells and whistles such as apps and media streaming.

Designed to complement its straightforward purpose, the NoteSlate resembles a sturdy sheet of paper, and the included stylus evokes a mod black pencil—complete with an eraser. The 750 x 1080-pixel E Ink display is matte to mimic the look of paper, and USB, SD card, and headphone ports line the top side of the tab. NoteSlate rates its eponymous tablet for 180 hours of battery life.

The NoteSlate will be available for $99 in basic (slate color), black, or white starting in June 2011. Blue, green, and red versions will be released in December, and a NoteSlate Color is also on the docket.

via ForeverGeek

LAPTOP Staff Writer