New Dell XPS 13 First Look: Just Plain Prettier

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Just when I thought Dell had reached the limits of what it could do with the XPS 13, the laptop maker goes and proves me wrong. I snagged a sneak peek at the new model and it's a bona fide showstopper. The laptop is thinner, lighter and just plain pretty.

Available in light grey anodized aluminum with a carbon fiber interior or a rose gold finish with white woven glass, Dell is playing up the premium angle for the XPS 13. It even comes in its own leather sleeve. The notebook is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, however, Dell won't say just how much until CES 2018.

dell xps13 c

As far as ports, you get a pair of Thunderbolt-3 ports (one for charging), a secure lock slot, a microSD slot and a mini DisplayPort. The near-bezeless InfinityEdge display is back and available in 1920 x 1080 and 3840 x 2560 options. The bottom-mounted webcam (aka the nose cam) is also there, so plan your video calls accordingly.

dell xps13 dDell is keeping mum on other specs, but it's safe to assume that this notebook will be outfitted with an Intel 8th-gen processor at launch. All other details will have to wait until CES when Dell will reveal everything about the new machine.


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  • Hugo_Verkammen Says:

    Well, I have my Dell laptop for about 6 years now. In perfect condition, still functioning, a real killer.

  • Sharon Younts Says:

    The only problem I see is that it is a Dell, therefore it is junk. I have a Dell laptop that is just now about a year old. I called for support and they wanted some crazy amount of money to see what is wrong. I am now using my 3 year old Toshiba that runs great. The only thing wrong with it is the top can't be closed because it it sprung. Wish Dell had the Dell I have somewhere painful!

  • Security Says:

    If they still using the worst touch pad ever in new model, am out

  • Memes Says:

    3840 x 2560 What ummmmmmmmmmmm

  • Alex V Says:

    If the keyboard improves, it's a winner

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