Microsoft Developing Blue-Light Filter for Windows 10

Blue light filtering is a display adjustment that sets panels to emit a warmer range of colors, and some believe that using it before bedtime can make it easier for users to fall asleep. Apple introduced this capability to its iOS devices in version 9.3 with Night Shift, some PC and Mac users use f.lux on their laptops and now it appears Microsoft is developing it as a native feature in Windows 10.

This is according to Twitter user @tfwboredom, who claims to have found a reference to such a setting in a preview build of Windows 10. Specifically, the user discovered a "WindowsBlueLightReduction" setting that could be enabled in the Action Center, but is currently disabled in this preview release.

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We're not sure if or when Microsoft will make this feature a part of a stable, public build of Windows 10, but if released, it would most likely show up in the next major update, currently codenamed Redstone 2. This is the first rumored new feature of Redstone 2, which is expected to be released in early 2017.

For more about the scientific debate over the benefits of filtering blue light, here's an informative post from our sister site, Live Science.

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