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Microsoft: Windows 8 Selling Just Fine, Learning Curve Not An Issue

Though it seems like Windows 8 has been around for months, it only became generally available to the public a scant 90 days ago. While there have been concerns about battery life and a lack of early adopters to the radically revamped Windows OS, Microsoft assures us that everything is going along swimmingly. The company released a question and answer session with Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Office Tami Reller all about Windows 8.

Among the highlights from the Q&A is the revelation that 60 million Windows 8 licenses have been sold, which is on par with the amount Windows 7 sold in the same timeframe. The Windows Store has surpassed 100 million downloads over the last two months and continues to grow. 

On the subject of usability, Reller states that 50 percent of new users make it through the out of the box experience in less than 5 minutes. She goes on to say, "On the very first day, virtually everyone launches an app from the Start screen, finds the desktop, and finds the charms. Almost half of users go to the Windows Store on that first day." It's a little disconcerting to think about the other Windows users who don't find the desktop on the first day and how that affects their overall impression of the OS.

She also notes that users are bridging the transformation between tablets and traditional PCs and that Microsoft will continue to work with its  partners to bring the best hardware and software experience to users.

The full interview is available here.