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Microsoft Widens Surface Distribution to Best Buy, Staples

Yesterday we offered up free advice to Microsoft on how to boost sales of its flagship Windows 8 device, the Surface tablet, and today the company’s followed one of our suggestions. According to a corporate announcement, Microsoft will open up distribution of the Microsoft Surface beyond the walls of its own specialty stores into a more well-rounded list of brick-and-mortar retailers, including Staples and Best Buy. The widening of distribution channels will also coincide with a bump in manufacturing production as well.

Scant on details, the company’s message did not specify how many more tablets it will pull from assembly lines or which gadget retailers will begin to sell the Windows 8 slate. However, both Staples and Best Buy later announced their intention to start selling the slate as soon as tomorrow. We wouldn't be surprised if other retailers soon come forward as well.

Up until now, the Surface had only been available at a few specialty Microsoft stores, limiting consumers’ pre-purchase hands-on time with the device. Late last month reports surfaced that Microsoft noted low sales of the Surface. The company’s narrow distribution channel was cited as one of the primary factors in the Surface’s low sales. Looks like Microsoft is open to tweaking its business plan in order to boost sales for the nigh holiday season. 

Customers who purchase the Surface from Staples will receive free, personalized training. If they spend more than $699, they will also get help transferring data from an old computer.Best Buy hasn't advertised any additional benefits for Surface buyers.