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Microsoft Smart Watch Rumored To Be Three Times Harder Than Glass

It seems as though every major tech company is working on its own smart watch. And while we're excited to see what kind of capabilities these devices will have, we're wary of how durable they'll be. Unlike a smartphone, a smart watch will be attached to your wrist at all times, putting it in some precarious situations that could cause serious damage to the device.

To combat this issue, Microsoft's smart watch will reportedly be constructed using a material called Oyxnitried Aluminum. According to AmongTech, this particular material is 80 percent transparent, while offering a strength of roughly four times that of glass. However, The Verge, puts the material's strength at three times that of glass. Either way, the decision to use such a material should help improve the survival rate of of Microsoft's smart watch.

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Redmond is also said to be shaking up its plans for its smart watch, transitioning the device from its Xbox team to its Surface team. According to The Verge, the Surface team has begun working with prototypes of Redmond's smart watch, which could make way for a Surface-branded device.

You may recall that Microsoft initially planned to launch the gadget as an Xbox accessory called the "Joule," but canned that idea in favor of a smartwatch. The fact that the Surface team is working on the smartwatch also fits in with rumors that the device will be able to connect directly to Microsoft's tablet.

via: AmongTech, The Verge