Logitech Pro Case Hands-On: A Full Bluetooth Keyboard for Your Galaxy Note Pro

Samsung's new 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro tablet aims to provide PC-like productivity within an Android tablet, and Logitech's Pro Case is built to make the Note Pro even more of a multitasking machine. We went hands on with Logitech's new accessory at CES 2014, and came away impressed with the benefits it offers to tablet power users.

The black Logitech Pro wraps around your Note Pro on both sides, providing a soft folio on either side of the tablet when closed. The case opens up to reveal a full Bluetooth island keyboard supported by a glossy black deck. We were immediately impressed by the keyboard portion of the Pro, as the gray contoured keys were well-spaced and provided some heavily satisfying feedback when we did some typing on a document. 

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The Logitech Pro case benefits from having Android shortcut keys, so you can easily enter the home screen, view all recent apps, or pull up your inbox with a single key stroke. The keyboard has a groove at the top that makes it easy to prop up your Note Pro, and you can easily fold the case down if you prefer to use it in your hands without the keyboard. The only thing we couldn't do was prop up the tablet with the keyboard hidden for a display-only desktop experience.

The Logitech Pro launches in February for $129. We still don't know how much a Galaxy Note Pro will cost on top of that, but Logitech's case looks like a solid add-on for Note Pro users who want a Microsoft Surface-esque experience with their Android tablet.

Michael Andronico
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