Logitech's iPad Stylus Now $50 Cheaper Than Apple Pencil

Apple's shiny, new iPads all feature Apple Pencil support. However, Apple's Pencil is a costly accessory that starts at $99 for the 1st-gen Pencil (although Amazon has it on sale for $94) and $129 for the 2nd-gen Pencil.

Enter the Logitech Crayon for iPad. This stylus debuted last September for $70 and for the first time ever, it's on sale for $49.99.

The Logitech Crayon is compatible with the current-gen versions of the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini. (All of which also happen to be on sale). It works similarly to the Apple Pencil, which means you can draw, sketch, take notes, mark up PDFs, and more.

However, what the Logitech Crayon lacks is Apple's pressure sensitivity technology. So if you vary how much pressure you put on your iPad's screen, the Logitech Crayon won't show any difference. It can, however, adjust how weighty each line you draw is based on the angle or how you hold the Crayon. 

That shouldn't be too much of a deal breaker if all you want to do is jot down some notes on your iPad and draw the occasional sketch.

Since this is the first time the Crayon is on sale, it's hard to tell how long this sale price will last, so act fast before its price returns to normal.