Logitech Unveils First 4K Webcam with HDR

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Most built-in laptop webcams have awful output. If you want to capture sharp, colorful images of your face or environment, you definitely need a external webcam. But what if you want to capture videos that are higher than full HD? Announced today, the $199 Logitech Brio 4K Pro Webcam has your answer, shooting in 3840 x 2160 and providing high dymanic range (HDR) for brighter, more detailed images. It even has an infrared feature for logging into Windows 10 with using facial recognition.brio high res

The Brio is packed with features, including up to 5x zoom, Windows Hello certification, a replaceable cable, and a privacy cover. It also lets you select from three fields of view -- a 90-degree wide angle aimed at YouTubers and streamers, 78-degrees to show off a large space and a 65-degree "talking head" close up.

Unlike other Logitech webcams, the clip on the Brio is completely removable, so you can balance it on a shelf. It also includes a tripod mount for more professional setups.

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The Logitech Camera Settings app will let you control your field of view, turn HDR on and off, change the brightness and focus and use a blur tool that is currently in beta.

Logitech is selling the camera under two names: Brio for business and the very creative "4K Pro Webcam" for consumers, but both are exactly the same. We're looking forward to getting one in soon to see how well it works.






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