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Support Literacy By Donating Your Old Gadgets

You know that stack of old phones and tablets gathering dust in your bottom drawer, donate them to a good cause? The non-profit group Books for America is now accepting cell phones, iPods, tablets, e-readers and laptops, the proceeds of which go toward improving libraries in schools, shelters and various other non-profit organizations.

Donated devices will either be sold online or given to partner organizations that support abused or otherwise disadvantaged woman and families. Since Books for America is a 501c non-profit, 100 percent of the net revenue from the gadget donations directly support the cause, as opposed to other organizations that might only donate a fraction of the proceeds.

Books for America can only accept cell phones, iPods, tablets and e-readers that have been released in the past six years and laptops must be from the last 7 years. Although notebooks do not need to be in functioning, all other gadgets must be in working condition and include a power cord if possible. And, just in time for Earth Day next week, there's rarely a better time of year for recycling ewaste.