iPad Pro: 5 Killer Features We Want

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As the fourth birthday of the iPad approaches, it's pretty amazing how much you can now do with Apple's tablets. You can edit video with complex transitions, create and mix music, and experience the future of interactive learning. So why do I mostly use my MacBook Air, relegating an otherwise powerful iPad mini to a portable gaming console? What I want is an iPad Pro, a slate with a bigger screen than the iPad Air that focuses more on productivity without sacrificing simplicity — or fun. If Apple is working on such a device, as is rumored, here's how the company could make me a true believer.

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Mark Spoonauer
Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief
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  • Hema Venkataraman Says:

    My wish list: should be able to install XCode on ipad

  • Cristian Says:

    So, you want it to be an Apple Surface Pro....

  • Ben Frank Says:

    Apple has a habit of doing away with hardware they feel is a waste of valuable real estate inside their devices. They did it with optical media like DVD burners, CD burners, etc for their line of air books. They are making users like me get used to working wirelessly and through clouds like Dropbox. I think it's forward thinking and the result is more space for battery, wireless hardware, etc. They embrace industrial design minimalism. That's pretty apparent by now. I'm surprised these devices still have home buttons frankly.

  • stas karmalyuk Says:

    Really these are all??? This one should have made it to the list: A usb port or sd card slot within the iPad not some cheap adaptor.

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