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iPad 2 on Sale March 11: Dual-Core Power, Super Thin, Coming in Black and White

The iPad 2 is coming March 11th, and its seriously thin and fast. We're talking an A5 dual-core processors that's up to 2X faster, 9X faster graphics, and the same low power as first iPad (so 10 hours of battery life). You'll also get dual cameras and gyroscope. This tablet is also very, very sleek. It weighs 1.3 pounds (versus 1.5 pounds for the first iPad) and is 33  percent thinner.

You'll be able to get the iPad 2 in black or white (yes, white will be available at launch), and you'll be able to get AT&T or Verizon wireless connectivity. Sorry, no 4G. Apple will also make an HDMI output accessory available, which is capable of 1080p playback on a TV. Another highlight: Smart Covers accessories that magnetically attach to the iPad 2.

See the gallery below for more.